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Last night was just shit

6 days out of 8 I have gone to the gym. My body hurts but im on a mission. Last night I was told ‘you look like the fat girl on winners and losers’

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skin is so fragilea thin layerprotecting youno shellno armorjust a soft layer

Ugh skin is actually thick and has three layers, it’s our first line of defense and not so fragile unless you have skin integrity issues
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A friend and I went for coffee last Saturday, and were discussing how unhappy we were about ourselves, we spent about an hour whinging about our bodies. We basically said ‘Right, lets get fit and lose weight’. That Thursday we handed over $500 each for a gym membership after looking at what gym suited us best. I bought joggers that night. And yesterday we began working out. We went again today, and plan on going tomorrow. I am even looking forward to going which is weird for me. I am so determined to feel healthier and better about myself. I just want confidence in myself. I have not yet weighed myself but I plan to do that next week so I can make myself a goal. I also have a goal outfit to fit into… it’s a gorgeous dress I bought online that doesn’t fit me. My body is freaking aching, but god I feel good. I cannot wait to start seeing results, and i’m willing to wait as long as it takes, I realise it doesn’t happen overnight (as so many people keep reminding me). Before yesterday, I can’t remember the last time I exercised. I used to make excuses… no more of that. It’s time to be the happiest Kelsey I can be.

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I have to race my housemates to sleep because they are the loudest snorers in the whole universe and it is literally impossible to sleep once they are asleep

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Soft Focus on Yerong (Rock HIll) track 

I love this
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